Authorities Warn UAE Residents About Doing The Kiki Challenge

The magic of KiKi challenge on Bollywood actresses these days has gone as well. A few weeks ago, the 31-year-old Canadian rapper, Drake, prompted a viral trend with his new song, In My Feelings”, when he inspired comedian Lil Shuzi of The Shiggy Show” to use the song's lyrics, Kiki, do you love me?”, and its catchy beat to launch a dancing challenge choreographed to the song.

We are accustomed to import foreign phenomena, but we have to stop this… I am not afraid of the dance, but I am afraid the spread of this challenge among the Egyptians that may cause traffic congestion,” he said. The Kiki challenge was apprently started by Shiggy, a social media comedian, when he posted a video of himself dancing to the song.

A viral trend could be a video, image, link or meme that becomes very popular through rapid and continuous circulation from person to person over the internet. The warrant for their arrests were issued for endangering the lives of others and offending public morals by using social media to promote practices that are incompatible with the UAE's values and traditions,” a statement from the prosecution said.

In the challenge participants slow their car down, open their door and dance on the song's first few lyrics while the car is still moving, which puts them at high risk of potential traffic accidents and reckless endangerment of others. Al-Turk performed the 'Kiki Challenge' dance at a popular beach in Bahrain.

The ministry official added that Article 65 penalises drivers who leave their vehicles unattended on the road with a fine between EGP 200 and EGP 2000 as well as six months of jail time. Since then, it has taken Kikichallenge off online with thousands of social media users and celebrities recreating the dance and sharing their videos.

Unless you've thrown your phone into the sea or gone on some kind of social media abstinence - you probably won't have missed the v iral phenomenon that has been the #inmyfeelingschallenge , saturating your newsfeeds to the infectious beat of Drake over the last fortnight.

A father of two young adults, the 49-year-old Focus actor decided to jump onto a millennial trend by climbing the Chain Bridge in Budapest and doing a shimmy to Drake's song In My Feelings. The viral dance sensation, which started via social media star Shiggy, features people dancing to Drake's latest hit single ‘In My Feelings', taken from his new album ‘Scorpion'.

In addition to this, Abu Duabi authorities arrested three famous artists because they posted their videos on social media when they performed that dance. Jonah Berger, a professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, published a book named Contagious on his study and analysis of viral information including images, stories, jokes, videos and ideas.

The "In My Feelings" challenge took social media by storm this month, with thousands of people recording themselves dancing to rapper Drake's new hit song. As the shoot dance became popular, people started posting their videos with the hashtag #shootdancechallenge and hence made it a viral challenge.

Driving a vehicle in a way that could endanger others can also have your car impounded for 60 days. Meanwhile, people taking the ‘Kiki Challenge' outside moving cars not only put their own lives in danger but fellow road users also face the risk of getting hit by other vehicles.

Security services in several countries have decided to put an end to #kikichallenge, according to media reports. If you have recently checked your feed, you must have seen random people getting out of their moving vehicle and dancing to Drake's track called ‘In My Feelings' from his album Scorpion.

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