Is Your Loft Too Small To Convert?

Most people are really feeling the pinch in the current financial crisis. The mansard type will give maximum conversion roof space because it projects the maximum available head height, thus giving a greater usable floor area. Where there isn't room to build out, the only way is up. Loft conversions are attractive because they are usually a quicker, cheaper and less disruptive way to add space to a house than other alternatives.

Due to the height of your new floor, you can no longer rely on escaping through the windows so the only safe way out is down the stairs. If you need to convert your loft, where you would like a hip to gable, dormer or mansard loft conversion, then contact us at Leeds Loft Converters.

Depending on the size of your property en-suite loft bathrooms tend to be on the small side. Skylights can be used for daylight where dormer windows are not possible. Given how low the ceilings are on the sides of your loft conversion, it can be easy to ignore this space or make it look messy and forgotten.

Alternatively you can reduce the height of the first floor ceiling to get you more height in the loft. When building the Click full width dormer conversion, most of the work carried out is from scaffolding on the outside of one's home which eliminates substantial disruption in comparison to other loft conversion types.

It's worth having a small contingency fund in place in case of unforeseen problems or overruns, but in general a loft conversion will be highly rewarding, adding usable space and value to your home. RoofLITE is our most popular price point product and if you are planning a Flat Roof Extension then ECO+ flat glass rooflights offers the best value for money.

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