Rangoli Designs With Dots

Do you like making creative rangoli designs? This is a perfect rangoli design with dots for festivals. 14. If you love easy patterns for your Rangolis, then try this one. If we want a simple rangoli design with dots for Ugadi , this seven to four dot kolam should be suitable. You can see in this image Bright colors comprising of red and blue and white and yellow flowers make a perfect homely rangoli design.

20. This is a very easy and simple Rangoli design with dots. If you are planning to make a rangoli for an entire colony then you can opt for colourful elaborate designs. This year Ugadi will be celebrated on March 18 (Sunday). This is one of the easy rangoli designs which is suitable for all types of pujas.

If you have a big lawn and you like flowers, then this is the right rangoli design for you. Diwali or Dusshera, any Indian festival is incomplete without the flowers. The festival of Ugadi marks the start of the new Hindu Lunar Calendar and also indicates the arrival of spring.

These colors stand out and brighten this whole rangoli design. We love the flower patterns and simple designs which make up for the whole Rangoli. 21. This one is a great and easy Rangoli with dots. They are classified into free hand rangoli design , Dots Rangoli Design , Flower Rangoli Design, Ganesh Rangoli and much more.

Since I have put in a lot of effort , physical and mental effort , to create , draw and colour the rangoli designs I request you not to download , convert the rangoli into ragrangoli other formats including pdf files , books e-books These designs are meant to be useful for learning , teaching , practising at a personal level only.

Look wise it make seem simple, but it takes hours and hours of efforts to minutely draw this sleek design. There are many more designs you can make in rangolis. You can make this 13-7 dots rangoli design for Sankranti, Ugadi, Diwali, Dussehra or New Year. These are the very traditional simple rangoli patterns for Diwali and other family functions which are very beautiful also.

In Karnataka, the festival is celebrated as Yugadi. 12. This one is a bit complex dotted rangoli design but still with practice one can achieve it. The festival of Kolam is the origin for this Rangoli design, but you can do this on any religious occasion. Rangoli designs with dots make any complex design easy to draw.

For other festivals and occasions she invariably drew simple rangoli designs. Secondly no one has the time to make elaborate and rich festive rangolis everyday since those needs a lot of efforts. 3 Mango leaves and coconuts are considered auspicious in the Hindu tradition, and they are used on Ugadi.

Baisakhi Festival is also celebrated as a Thanksgiving Day festival in these states. This amazing colorful rangoli design is a perfect match for Diwali - the festival of lights! You can from the above picture the dots are joined together with fine lines to forma design which is so simple and beautiful also.

It is believed that having Rangoli Design in front of your house brings good luck apart from home decoration purpose. There are minimal designs making this a very simple Rangoli with dots. Festival of Baisakhi is celebrated as a Thanksgiving Day by the farmers.

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